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Firstly, we are not HR consultants, we provide HR support. We don't offer high priced advice and wish you luck as you attempt to adopt it. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you and help get the job done. We understand the complexity involved in executing a balanced HR strategy which is why we offer a team of HR people to help determine the best way forward with your business.  

The MetaPeople Difference

We start by linking business objectives to the tasks of individuals. By doing this, we ensure that every effort made goes towards helping you achieve your business objectives.


We focus on creating a sense of achievement at both a team and personal level. This in turn lifts job satisfaction and employee engagement and provides a platform for linking company success to individual success by identifying what "great work" looks like.


Underpinning this is the development of leadership capabilities needed to drive sustainable growth as well as job fit across all key areas of your business. Here, we work with you to identify and promote important values driven behaviour and develop company values that drive cultural change.


We know that the effective use of rewards and recognition is also another key element in ensuring they motivate as they are intended. We believe in using positive reinforcement wherever possible.


Accountability and responsibility are always present when building a constructive culture and we ensure that expectations are effectively communicated and that feedback is clear.  


Our Approach 

Our approach to delivery is flexible and tailored and works to alleviate the immediate pain points the business may be experiencing. Ultimately, we undertake a gap analysis and develop a detailed schedule of action items against an agreed delivery time frame.


Regardless of the driver for our engagement, it comes down creating and onsite presence and building trust and rapport with your people. Something MetaPeople are highly skilled at accomplishing.  


The Benefits 

Apart from confidence, clarity and certainty that comes from having a team of skilled HR professionals in your corner, the benefits of external HR support versus an internal part or even full-time HR generalist are considerable. 


To begin with, you don't need to waste time re-inventing the wheel. MetaPeople brings a mature set of IT systems, proven processes and innovative software solutions you can immediately tap into. Take a look a just some of the services and tech you'll have access to. 


  • Success Mapping
  • MetaTools
  • LinkedIn Recruiter license
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Employer Branding Initiatives
  • Employer Branded Microsites
  • Custom Built Websites 
  • Online Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Surveys


Hard earned competitive advantage comes from leading people not managing them. Growing good managers into great leaders is what we do and that is what will give your business the edge it needs.



Sydney CBD Office

21/133 Castlereagh Street

Sydney NSW 2000


Sydney South Office

4/29 Kiora Rd

Miranda NSW 2228 


Ph: 1300 552 563

Operating Hours:

9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday



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