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Everything we do at MetaPeople is tailored to fostering growth, both corporate and personal. Our strategies extend beyond the delivery of simple course materials and programs and focus on two key criteria;


  • What do you need to do to achieve your business goals?
  • What does each person in your business need to do more of, or better, to make this happen?


Fundamental to the success of any development journey is the effective application of what has been learnt. This is where MetaPeople shine.



At MetaPeople we have learnt there is a correlation between Behaviour, Competencies and Action. We know that an exploration into any one of these elements will highlight where a persons focus is and where it is not. It will tell us what a person is comfortable and confident in doing which also can reveal where discomfort and a lack of confidence resides.


Since companies are as much a social world as anything else, our successful social interactions, particularly when it comes to managing, leading and influencing others is equally important. That is why we focus on all of these elements simultaneously. This focus is called horizontalisation. There is no hierarchical order but rather a view that gives attention to all of three facets.  



The process of development suggests growth or movement and for this to be effective a person must start with improved self awareness. Effective problem solving starts with fully understanding what the problem is. For an individual to grow and develop they must have an appreciation of their current state and where they are starting from. This is often best gained through self reflection, receiving feedback and self assessment. 


Improved awareness often facilitates options not previously considered or the same options being viewed from a slightly different perspective. Either way, a choice will follow. Even a choice to do nothing is still a choice.


Having made a choice, a person will follow through with an action and having acted with knowledge and improved awareness, a person is accountable to accept responsibility. Personal accountability for the choices they make and the actions taken is an inevitable consequence of the way we work with people. 




For ‘lasting’ change to occur, commitment to the process is required. For organisations to invest confidently in the development of their people, they need to see a return on their investment.  At MetaPeople, part of the way we ensure that return is by improving the interpersonal skills of the people we work with and directing their attention on tasks that align with the business objectives.


Core competencies we address during this process are;

  • Communication skills and styles
  • Leadership
  • Ability to drive change


At MetaPeople, we believe in delivering experiential learning.  It's the difference between skill and competency; Education and Intelligence; Knowledge and expertise. 




To start with, we work in your business, not just on it. To gain a clear understanding of what’s required in your business, we need to work with your managers, leaders and key stakeholders.


Our programs are uniquely tailored toward managers - both new and experienced, key stakeholders and business leaders. Why? Because we know that even the smallest shift in behaviours like communication, leadership and the ability to drive change can have a profound impact.


Our coaching methodology is also attuned to the practical aspects of working in the real world and focus on things like the application of knowledge and the challenges faced by taking different actions and making different choices. We don’t work with “role plays”, we work with real life. Even our development projects are uniquely tailored and are usually created around one of the core competencies that require development.


Hard earned competitive advantage comes from leading people not managing them. Growing good managers into great leaders is what we do and that is what will give your business the edge it needs.



Sydney CBD Office

21/133 Castlereagh Street

Sydney NSW 2000


Sydney South Office

4/29 Kiora Rd

Miranda NSW 2228 


Ph: 1300 552 563

Operating Hours:

9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday



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