Career success is about making good choices. It’s the difference between delivering on what’s expected by an employer and getting lost in the lure of a title. It’s about understanding the real conditions that make success possible and measuring yourself honestly against them.


At MetaPeople, we help you make better career choices. Our career coaching sessions will give you clarity and perspective for the progression and fulfilment of your career. We’ll also challenge you with opportunities for growth and development you may not have considered.  All designed to equip you for good career decision making.


How we deliver it?

At MetaPeople we believe career coaching is a very personal journey. Sessions are conducted face-to-face or online via skype for your convenience and are tailored to your individual needs ensuring your career goals and aspirations remain our primary focus.



Today, forward thinking organisations embrace management coaching as a means for recognising and developing high potential within their ranks.  Through effective management coaching organisations are better able to isolate and develop the management competency needed to achieve organisational objectives.  MetaPeople works closely with organisations to improve and develop competencies within their management.


How we deliver it?

At MetaPeople we believe that organisations that invest in the potential of their people are far better positioned for success. Management coaching defines the conditions for success and develops the disciplines essential to achieve results.



Leadership coaching is about turning good managers into great leaders. It’s about cultivating behaviours that inspire action. It’s about understanding leadership styles and how they impact culture. It’s about equipping leaders to make better choices to motivate and engage a workforce.


MetaPeople works alongside organisations and their leadership teams, both current and developing, to ensure they exert a positive influence on the culture of the organisation.


How we deliver it?

At MetaPeople we believe people deliver, not assets. That’s why our leadership coaching equips leaders to deal with people.



As the name implies, performance coaching focuses on short term strategies for immediate performance improvement. Tailored to the individual, performance coaching can be as straightforward as goal setting for success or as complex as heightening the awareness of the individual on how they could be more effective in their role.


How we deliver it?

At MetaPeople we believe performance coaching is about aligning expectation with aptitude and motivation. Performance coaching combines management feedback, performance review and a process of self-discovery resulting in an action plan for change. This may also include coaching for the immediate manager on how to drive the process.


Hard earned competitive advantage comes from leading people not managing them. Growing good managers into great leaders is what we do and that is what will give your business the edge it needs.



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