Position Title

Workplace Health Safety and Environment Manager

Reports To

General Manager Group Operations

Reason for the Position

To lead and manage a positive safety and environment culture across the business. To set up systems and procedures that serve to educate all employees on safe workplace practices and to ensure that Freedom Foods is environmentally responsible.

Key Challenges

This position plays a key role with the implementation and maintenance of the systems and tools required to identify and control safety risks arising from operations, products and services. It will also assist in providing leadership and coaching to ensure safety considerations are top of mind and incorporated into everything the organisation does.   It is part of the Safety Officer's duties to ensure relevant and accurate documentation is in place and a document control system is effective, current and accessible by all relevant stakeholders. This role must provide clarity in the delivery of operational improvement for Business Risk Management.


Freedom Foods has been going through significant growth and has been investing in a series of capital projects. These projects present specific construction based safety risks as there will be for the period of the construction projects multiple contractors on site completing a variety tasks. Freedom Foods is in need of a full safety system to accommodate these workers and to ensure they are following safe workplace practices. 


While there is already a set of procedures in place for Ingleburn, procedures have to be created for up and coming projects for other sites.


The OHS&E track record for Freedom Foods is a positive one however increased growth, modernisation of equipment, additional production lines and greater factory throughput all mean that group procedures and site procedures need constant reviewing and ongoing training along with positive reinforcement. 


Risk assessments need to be completed, alignment with the quality system needs to be reviewed and site specific work instructions along with standard work instructions and standard operating procedures need to be reviewed, re-written or updated. 

While the business is very safety conscious there is a need to created safety teams on site to ensure that the workforce is playing an active role in managing and driving safety. 


WorkPro has recently been added and this covers all mandatory training and instructions for generic safety across all sites. WorkPro is also used for mandatory training and induction training. 


To succeed in this position the group workplace safety and environment manager will need to continue the education process across the business and to solicit help from site specific teams to ensure safety and environmental practices are keep pace with a rapidly changing work environment.




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Freedom Foods Group Limited (ASX:FNP) is an ASX Public Company providing for specialized needs in the food industry. Their mission is on making food better.  “We believe that people's needs have moved towards safer, nutrient rich, longer life convenient foods. All our products have a purpose of bringing value to consumers lives through best nutrition and innovative convenience”.The Company is strategically well positioned to build scale in its key business platforms of;


  • plant based beverage    
  • premium dairy; and
  • specialty cereal and snacks.


Key markets include;


  • Australia
  • China
  • South East Asia; and
  • North America.


Increasingly, our key brands “Australia's Own” and “Freedom Foods” will be at the forefront of driving our returns from our innovation and manufacturing capabilities in Australia and international markets.


Our commitment to servicing a broader category including retailers and other brand owners will remain, driving scale and generating earnings to support our brand strategy.


The Company is developing a unique supply and manufacturing footprint in its key categories.  We believe the ability to control supply and manufacturing inputs and more quickly deliver innovation across a range of product formats for our brands and our key customers will be a key strategic advantage in the medium to long term, particularly in value adding Australia's unique agricultural base.  While this requires significant capital investment and patience, we will continue to invest to achieve this outcome.  


The expansion of our plant based beverage capabilities in Sydney in 2017 is expected to result in a material increase in sales and profitability, with further growth opportunities through meeting the increasing demands of our brands as well as our private label and branded customer base.


The dairy platform being established provides a material opportunity to increase exposure to the growing demand for high quality and safe dairy products from China and South East Asia, aligned more closely through our brands as well as our strategic customers. 


The Cereal, Snacks and Milling business is strategically well positioned to build a significant growth platform in multiple products, channels and distribution across Australia, China and North America.  The business will deliver increasing sales and profit through innovation in new products, expansion of distribution channels in Australia and international markets, together with increasing manufacturing efficiencies from volume and cost efficiencies arising from the capital investment program at Leeton, Darlington Point Mill and Dandenong. This, aligned with investment in building awareness of the brand across a broader consumer market open to healthier products, is expected to provide a strong base for growth into future years.


We will evaluate acquisitions that add value to and significantly accelerate and or leverage our sales, marketing and operational platforms.


Our capital raising in 2015 and realisation of the investment in A2MC, along with support from our banking partners, provides a strong balance sheet capability to execute our strategy.


Our operating profits will increase through the investment cycle, balanced against a requirement to invest in people, systems and process to manage a scaled and diversified business platform.


With the Company experiencing a strong start to the 2017 financial year across all business areas, the Company anticipates the ongoing benefits of the strategy and its multi stage capital investment programme to accelerate increased group profits and returns in FY 2017 and beyond.


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