Here's some insight into how we manage the risk and attract the right people for you. MetaPeople's proprietary hiring success process;


  • Delivers a 93% certainty that your new hire will be in the job 12 months
  • Brings structure to the hiring process.
  • Creates a focused environment ensuring you hire the right person for the position.
  • Brings rigor to the hiring process.
  • Keeps managers focused on how to recognise talent when they see it.
  • Creates a strong positive employer brand.
  • Acknowledges the significance of each stakeholder in the hiring process.
  • Measures performance and holds all parties accountable.
  • Provides an effective way to routinely hire talent that stays.
  • Will mitigate poor hiring practices and decision making significantly reducing high turnover
  • Works seamlessly with MetaPeople’s employee induction, training and coaching programs.



Hard earned competitive advantage comes from attracting and retaining great people. At MetaPeople, we believe the key to building great teams that achieve great things, starts by attracting great people.


While attracting great people is not an exact science, it's not a dark mystical art either. However it does require the cooperation of all key stakeholders to identify and agree upon the talents, strengths and character traits of the new hire.  


We know that you (the eager employer), the prospective new employee and us (your trusted talent adviser) all play an important part in achieving a successful hiring outcome. It's an extremely fine balance and the moment any one stakeholder is required to over compensate for another, the likelihood of a hiring failure increases significantly. In fact, experience has shown us the likelihood of a successful hire drops from 93% to as low as 60% when this happens.


We believe attracting and hiring great people is about managing risk. To do this well, you need to partner with someone who invests in understanding your hiring needs. A partner with a proven process that removes the hiring risks for you. A partner that can give you certainty that your new hire will still be in the role twelve months from now. That partner is MetaPeople, and we call the process Hiring Success. 



Hard earned competitive advantage comes from leading people not managing them. Growing good managers into great leaders is what we do and that is what will give your business the edge it needs.



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